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All dentists in the UK are allowed to work as either private dentists or NHS dentists, and in some cases they work as both. A private dentist is a qualified general dental practitioner who does not work on behalf of the NHS, which means that his or her patients are required to pay in full for their dental treatment.

Fees for private dental care are set by each dental surgery and can therefore differ quite substantially between dental practices. Private dentist costs usually depend on the quality of materials and dental laboratory work you choose, as well as general running expenses of the surgery.

Private dentist prices will usually be based on the dentistry work done and the time taken to do the dental treatment, and it is important you check the cost before agreeing to the treatment.

As well as having their own registered private patients, many private dentists also offer emergency treatment for NHS or non-registered patients, so if you are visiting the area or cannot get to your dentist, but need urgent dental treatment, you may be able to pay to be seen by a private dentist.

In addition to offering all the oral health treatment available on the NHS, private dentists are often trained in other areas of dental care so they can meet all your clinical needs, including cosmetic dentistry, such as white fillings, dental implants and tooth whitening. See our comprehensive listings section to find a private dentist in you area.