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Welcome to Expert Advice, the place to find the answers to your frequently asked dental questions, which are answered by our panel of expert dentists. Please click on the below links to read the expert’s answers.

Are dental implants the best solution for missing teeth?

There are several ways to replace missing teeth and several factors to consider including, the number of missing teeth, costs (i.e. budget issues), and the current health of your teeth. The three ways to have missing teeth replaced are either a bridge, dentures, or dental implants. Dental implants are the only independent restoration option that does not require preparation or the drilling of existing healthy tooth structure. Dental implants or mini implants are also the most effective method for securing loose dentures.

Dr Kailesh Solanki

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How long does it take to have veneers fitted? Would I have to go for lots of dental appointments?

Each case is individual and you would need to see the dentist first before knowing how long it would take.

There are two ways of having veneers fitted, and they are:

1. Laboratory-made veneers. These require a minimum of two appointments over a three-week period

2. Same-day Cerec veneers. These only require one appointment and each veneer is fitted in about an hour.

Dr Kailesh Solanki

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My problem is that one of my front teeth overlaps the other, and i would really like to get them straightened. When I was a child I was told by my dentist that they would straighten out when I was older, but they never have. I've recently been to see another dentist who told me that the teeth would never straighten out by themselves. I would really like to have braces to straighten them, but I would like to know roughly how much they would cost first. Thank you!

Hi Becky, Thank you for your enquiry. Each case is different, therefore prices may vary. There are different teeth straigthening options available: fixed braces, invisible braces (invisalign) or possibly veneers. I would recommend that you go for an initial consultation with a cosmetic dentist to allow you to consider all options and to be more informed about which type of treatment is most suitable for you. Kind Regards, Dr Bohara BDS MFDS RCS

Dr Kalpesh Bohara

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